Antheia presentation at SAP

Two times, I was invited by the SAP and the D-Shop-team, to present Antheia and the software, within the framework of the Plugin-Talk.

The first time, they forgot to record my presentation on video. And the time wasn’t the best, not so many appeared for my presentation. So I went a second time to SAP, this time a little bit later, when everyone finished working. The room was full. Sadly, they forgot the second time to organize a camera. Luckily, the first time, I recorded everything with my smartphone, as a backup. The quality isn’t the best, the auto-focus had some problems. But give it a try.

There was a lot of helpful feedback, especially on the topic security and safety. Of course they asked for the size of the potential market. But this is quite difficult to analyse. I know one thing for sure, in Germany we have approximately 100.000 cannabis patients, unofficial way more. There will be a lot that can’t afford the cannabis flower from the pharmacy, for prices up to 25 Euro per gram. On the other hand, we don’t have any medical cannabis supplier, until today, that produces organic cannabis. So the patient has to do this on it’s own. Then you can produce your medicine for around 3-5 Euro per gram, the exact strain you need and on top of that, grown organic. Who lives healthy, should grow their own cannabis. Of course, only in a country where it’s allowed to grow cannabis.