Kickstarter ignores us and deletes our campaign
Kickstarter ignores us and deletes our campaign

If I learned one thing, then the fact that Kickstarter is everything else but neutral. They don't follow their own rules and if you need help you get left out in the rain.

I asked Kickstarter several questions, I really needed help. But I received only standard answers and links to their own articles. But I read everything Kickstarter had to offer and of course I told them this. No reaction since then. I confronted Kickstarter with the fact that they break their own rules and allow project that are not innovative (one of their very important rules). They sell products that already exist and they even make them their favorite. Totally new and innovative products like Antheia never get any attention, hidden behind all these copies. If you search online, you will find a lot of people that had similar experiences.

Kickstarter doesn’t support you if your project is not interesting for their team. Kickstarter displays some projects way more often and ignores the others. And of course you can change things with money. You pay the right amount and your projects gets famous. A lot of illegal things are happening there.

Kickstarter is a intransparent company that supports only their favorite projects and ignores the rest. If you think you can finance your prototype here, think again. Kickstarter supports only projects that are already done, exactly like a webshop. Forget it to use Kickstarter to “kickstart” your startup.

I must have shown Kickstarter once to often what their problems are. The reaction, Antheia was canceled, with the explanation that I broke their rules. But this can not be, since they checked my page before it went online and I never really did any changes after that. So they just lied to me.

Anyway, Antheia continues. I don’t know how, since I really needed that money, but I’m working on a plan. No one can stop us to help people grow their own medicine.